Documentazione di Ghini 1.0

Ghini is a suite of applications for managing botanical specimen collections.

  • ghini.desktop lets you create and query a database representing objects and events in your plant collection.
  • ghini.web publishes highlights from your database on the web.
  • ghini.pocket puts a snapshot of your database in your handheld device.
  • ghini.tour assists garden visitors with a map and spoken virtual panels.

The bulk of this documentation focuses on ghini.desktop. One final chapter presents the rest of the Ghini family: ghini.pocket, ghini.web, ghini.tour, and the data streams between software components.

Tutto il software Ghini è aperto e libero ed è distribuito secondo la GPL: Licenza Pubblica GNU. Inoltre, il software Ghini sviluppato secondo il modello servente/cliente segue la licenza GNU Affero Public License.

Appoggiare Ghini

If you’re using Ghini, or if you feel like helping its development anyway, please consider donating.