Database Administration

If you are using a real DBMS to hold your botanic data, then you need do something about database administration. While database administration is far beyond the scope of this document, we make our users aware of it.


SQLite is not what one would consider a real DBMS: each SQLite database is just in one file. Make safety copies and you will be fine. If you don’t know where to look for your database files, consider that, per default, bauble puts its data in the ~/.bauble/ directory.

In Windows it is somewhere in your AppData directory, most likely in AppData\Roaming\Bauble. Do keep in mind that Windows does its best to hide the AppData directory structure to normal users.

The fastest way to open it is with the file explorer: type %APPDATA% and hit enter.


Please refer to the official documentation.

Backing up and restoring databases is described in breadth and depth starting at this page.


Please refer to the official documentation. A very thorough discussion of your backup options starts at chapter 24.

Ghini Configuration

Ghini uses a configuration file to store values across invocations. This file is associated to a user account and every user will have their own configuration file.

To review the content of the Ghini configuration file, type :prefs in the text entry area where you normally type your searches, then hit enter.

You normally do not need tweaking the configuration file, but you can do so with a normal text editor program. Ghini configuration file is at the default location for SQLite databases.

Reporting Errors

Should you notice anything unexpected in Ghini’s behaviour, please consider filing an issue on the Ghini development site.

Ghini development site can be accessed via the Help menu.